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2019 Miss Georgia

Local Titleholders

Miss International City - Taylor Burrell                    
Miss Warner Robins - Kelsey Hollis 

Miss Cobb County - Alexa Gilomen        

Miss Cherokee Rose - Shannon Murphy                                      

Miss Rome - Cara Clements 

Miss Macon - Jazmine Barden                        

Miss Historic Buford - Holly Haynes

Miss Stone Mountain - Fallon Robinson                                     

Miss Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy - Sarah Archer                              

Miss Gwinnett County - Kathleen Hlavaty 

Miss Augusta University - Morgan Mitchell                                     

Miss Hummingbird Festival - Darlyn Davis                                       

Miss Middle West Georgia - Sarah Templeton                                     

Miss Magnolia - Sydney Hillman               

Miss Capital City - Victoria Hill                           

Miss Golden Isles - Destiny Levant       

Miss Northwest Georgia - MacKenzie Marable                                     

Miss Cherry Blossom Macon - Michaela Heide

Miss University of Georgia - Briana Hayes

Miss Troup County - Lyndsay Richardson

Miss Flint River - Grace Hendry

Miss Albany - Faith White

Miss Fitzgerald - Torianna Wilson

Miss GSU - Lauren Kirksey

Miss CSU - Safiyah Abdullah

Miss Wildcat - Isabella Kicklighter

Miss Southern Rivers - Carley Vogel

Miss Historic Columbus - Maloreigh Todd

Miss Empire of the South - Allie Griffis

2019 Miss Georgia's Outstanding

Local Titleholders

Miss International City's Outstanding Teen - Skylar Stephens                
Miss Warner Robins' Outstanding Teen - Kandice Lumpkin

Miss Emanuel County's Outstanding Teen - Savanah Lariscy

Miss Southeast Georgia's Outstanding Teen - Caroline Mason        

Miss Cherokee Rose's Outstanding Teen - Rylee Ruegger                             

Miss Rome's Outstanding Teen - Megan Wright

Miss Macon's Outstanding Teen - Anna Kate Robinson                      

Miss Historic Buford's Outstanding Teen - Destiny Kluck

Miss Atlanta's Outstanding Teen - Rebecca Zhang

Miss Greater Atlanta's Outstanding Teen - Mary Whilemnia Hodges

Miss Stone Mountain's Outstanding Teen - Addie Freeman                          

Miss Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy's Outstanding Teen - Kate Klucsarits         

Miss Gwinnett County's Outstanding Teen - Sallie Stowers                         

Miss Hummingbird Festival's Outstanding Teen - Maddie Haines                 

Miss Middle West Georgia's Outstanding Teen - Elizabeth Sanders              

Miss Magnolia's Outstanding Teen - Jillian Higgins               

Miss Capital City's Outstanding Teen - Hope Fowler                          

Miss Golden Isles' Outstanding Teen - Lanier Brown 

Miss Lake Lanier's Outstanding Teen - Shali King

Miss North Georgia's Outstanding Teen - Anna Ralston

Miss Northwest Georgia's Outstanding Teen - Grace Gerbara                     

Miss Troup County's Outstanding Teen - Jessica Roberts

Miss LaGrange's Outstanding Teen - Charlie Key

Miss Flint River's Outstanding Teen - Isabella Miller

Miss Albany's Outstanding Teen - Kaitlyn Tanner

Miss Starr's Mill Outstanding Teen - Sydney Turnier

Miss Peachtree City's Outstanding Teen - Shelby Gray

Miss Fitzgerald's Outstanding Teen - Cara Cole Heerde

Miss Wildcat's Outstanding Teen - Valerie Amerson

Miss Harris County's Outstanding Teen - Kaleigh Griswell

Miss Southern Rivers' Outstanding Teen - Brianna Drake