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The 2025 Miss Georgia Statewide Digital Competition will be released in January 2025!  We are excited for Teens and Miss delegates to have this opportunity to get to the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition. The purpose of this competition is to reach more young women who may not consider competing for a local program for various reasons. It allows the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition to reach out and gain interest from more candidates which can benefit local programs the next competition year.  

Miss Georgia Statewide Digital Competition

This year's Statewide Digital Competition is open to Miss Delegates between the ages of 18 and 28 and Teen Delegates between the ages of 14 and 18 who meet all eligibility requirements set forth by Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition and the Miss America Organization.  

Who Can Compete?

Any young women meeting the criteria set forth by Miss America including age and residency.  Any local candidate who has not won a local competition is encouraged to register as well as any other young woman who wants to know more about the Miss America Organization.  The Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition reserves the right to confirm your eligibility to compete in the Miss Georgia Competition.

To become a local or state participant for the Competition Cycle 2026, (some states starting locals in March of 2024) competing as a State Titleholder at nationals in January 2026, you must meet the age criteria as shown below. Please be advised that the age criteria for Cycle 2026 is different from all previous cycles.

*Miss America eligibility ages18-28 – must be 18 by state competition, and no older than 27 at state competition

*Miss America’s Teen eligibility ages14-17 – must be 14 by state competition and no older than 17 at state competition.

How Do I Compete?

The Digital Competition has two parts that includes submissions of paperwork with videos, and a virtual Live interview.  Within your submission, you will include your resume, Social Impact Initiative essay, an introduction video, and a talent video.  We recommend you uploading your videos to your YouTube Channel and making the videos public before you submit your links on the JotForms.  You can obtain the JotForms from the Digital Liaison at

You also will be required to pay the $39.99 Annual Miss America Subscription Fee that is non-refundable.  If you have competed in a local licensee program this year, you have already completed this step.  Our Miss Georgia Digital Liaison can assist you with this requirement.  There is a $75.00 local competition fee to compete in the digital competition.

What do I compete in?

You will be scored by a panel of five judges.  The areas of competition with percentages are as follows:

1.  Resume with your 30 second introductory video - 15%

2.  Social Impact Initiative Essay - 15% 

3.  90 seconds Talent Video -35%

4.  Virtual Live Interview - 35%

What happens if  am selected to compete at Miss Georgia?

If you are selected to compete at Miss Georgia by the panel of judges, you agree to follow all of Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition's guidelines, review and execute the Local/State Candidate Agreement, pay the State Competition Fee, and meet all competition deadlines set by the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition. You will also be required to attend Miss Georgia Forum March 1st - March 3rd in Columbus, Georgia.

If you are selected to compete at Miss Georgia, you will receive an official Local Miss America crown, sash, and a title given by the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition Board.  There are no scholarships awarded at the Statewide Digital Competition.

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