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The Four Points Scholarship Fund is a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as the scholarship arm that processes scholarships awarded at the Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition to recipients across the state of Georgia. The Four Points Scholarship Fund proudly offers academic and community-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as gifted and merit scholarships for those young women attending medical school, working in special areas such as legal studies, STEM program, education, service awareness and in the performing arts.

Providing Scholarships to the Women of Georgia for 76 Years

The Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition is part of the Miss America Organization, which is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs for young women. 

The Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition is a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to outstanding young women to help advance them academically and professionally. The young lady who is crowned Miss Georgia continues on to represent the state of Georgia at Miss America.  Participants of the competition have gone on to achieve major success in diverse fields including medicine, law, business, broadcast journalism, theater, politics, literature and more.
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