Rebecca Zhang
Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2022

Rebecca is a 17-year-old from Johns Creek, Georgia, and just recently accepted into Vanderbilt University’s Class of 2026. She is a summa cum laude graduate from Chattahoochee High School. She intends to major in Communication of Science and Technology where she aspires to one day become the Director of Communications at a global nonprofit organization. 


Her social impact initiative is #StepOutStepUp. Throughout her extensive involvement in the community outreach and the Miss America Organization, Rebecca has found her passion for empowering youth across the state of Georgia to change from a fixed to a growth mindset, a concept first developed by a famous Stanford professor Dr. Carol Dweck. Grounded on her research, Rebecca has made it her mission to champion the importance of “being comfortable in the uncomfortable” through her Growth Mindset curriculum focused on immersive community service, goal-setting, and youth mentorship. To reach the masses, she has designed social media campaigns through her #StepUpStory interviews, partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and even founded her own nationwide nonprofit mentoring program for special needs children, Hearts of Gold Society. Rebecca is beyond excited to express her love and dedication to her work to the future generation of youth leaders!


In addition to her service work, Rebecca is a competitive ballet dancer of 10+ years at the Atlanta Professional Dance Academy. She will showcase her talent on the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen stage with a Ballet en Pointe in August! In her free time, Rebecca enjoys watching films and TV shows (she calls herself an “Oscar Movie Buff”), playing with her Goldendoodle puppy, drinking boba tea, reading, and spending time with friends and family!

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