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Megan Wright
Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2021

Megan Wright is an 18 year old who found her way to the Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen Competition as a result of a search for new performance opportunities in her area. Megan, a talented vocalist,  has been on the stage and in and front of audiences most of her life. She began singing in churches with her mom and sister when she was 5 years old, then in theatrical productions by the time she was 10.  In high school she was a member of the award-winning theater troupe at Calhoun High School, and by the time she graduated she had performed in over 20 shows. Having recently graduated in May, Megan is looking forward to pursuing a degree in nursing at Georgia Southern University in the Fall. 


New performing opportunities might have initially drawn Megan to the competition, but it was her passion for her Social Impact Initiative that kept her returning as a candidate for the job of Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen. As a future nurse, Megan believes that no one should die from uncontrolled bleeding as a result of a traumatic injury and that all citizens should know how to act in the event of such an emergency and have access to resources to control bleeding injuries in the same manner that education and resources are made available for CPR and defibrillators. This is why she is so determined to advocate for her Social Impact Initiative, FAST™ - Rapidly Saving Lives. FAST™(First Aid for Severe Trauma) is a national STOP THE BLEED® course designed specifically for high school students that teaches them how to control extensive bleeding in life-threatening situations. Through Megan’s affiliation with FEMA, she was part of the collaborative effort with the American Red Cross and the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health to write this curriculum.  The FAST™ Curriculum is set to arrive at high schools nation-wide in August 2021. As Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen, Megan wants to speak to the decision-makers in schools across the state to promote the FAST™ curriculum, which, thanks to a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, is available to all high schools at no charge

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Megan Wright

Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2021

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3rd Runner-Up at Miss America's Outstanding Teen

Preliminary Evening Wear Winner