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Anna Kate Robinson
Miss Georgia's Teen 2022

Anna Kate is an 18-year-old from Wrightsville, Georgia. She is an honor graduate from Brentwood High School and currently is a freshman at the University of Georgia. Anna Kate is majoring in International Affairs with the goal of attending law school to become a Public Interest Lawyer. She aspires to advocate for those who do not feel as if they have a voice. On campus, Anna Kate is involved in UGA Miracle and is an active member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. 


Her social impact initiative is Nothing Beats a Healthy Heart!. At the age of four, Anna Kate saved her grandmother’s life. Anna Kate and her grandmother were home alone together when her grandmother suffered a massive heart attack. Thanks to the skills her parents taught her, Anna Kate quickly dialed 911 and called for help. After surviving emergency surgery and a coma, her grandmother recovered. This traumatic and life-changing experience sparked Anna Kate’s passion for heart-health education. She originally created her social impact initiative as an educational campaign for elementary school students. Anna Kate recognizes the critical importance of reaching young children during their formative years because lessons learned at an early age have the greatest potential for positive, life-long impact. Over the last four years, she has grown her social impact initiative from a local, one-school campaign to a state-wide program. Since the age of thirteen, Anna Kate has been an active volunteer for the American Heart Association and has traveled thousands of miles throughout the state of Georgia to educate others on heart health. She has focused her advocacy for AHA Georgia through social media and volunteering at signature events. Through dedication and hard work over the last four years, Anna Kate has networked with AHA leadership across Georgia and earned invitations to serve at these events with advancing responsibilities each year. She is eager to serve this organization as well as children across the country through her partnership with the AHA and her life-saving message that Nothing Beats a Healthy Heart!


In addition to serving her community, Anna Kate has been a dancer since she was just four years old. This past summer at Miss Georgia’s Teen, she showcased her talent by performing an energetic tap routine, earning Anna Kate a preliminary talent award. In her free time, Anna Kate enjoys reading motivational books, spending time with friends and family, working out, watching movies, rating Met Gala looks, and anything to do with fashion.

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